Real-Time Trading Platform Technology

StreamingEdge Trading Platforms are highly scalable, high frequency trading platforms. These platforms are designed to meet the latency and reliability demands of a high frequency exchange platform while providing the flexibility to trade complex derivatives. These platforms are hybrid allowing the Tradition brokerage desks and the institutions to trade manually or electronically input orders and trade them. These platforms are fully integrated with STP and other back office systems allowing Tradition brokers to enjoy complete end to end automation.

  • Support Electronic/Voice Trading
  • Personalize Portfolios
  • Trade History
  • Intuitive Trading Window
  • Supports various analytical reports including weighted average, PIP and more
  • Customizable screen with toolbars and menus with settings
  • Price History
  • My Orders
  • Trade Notifications
  • Integration with StreamingEdge™ STP Ticket capture and trade confirmation frameworks


StreamingEdge STP Systems are highly scalable platforms with advanced and flexible communications system which integrates disparate trade confirmation and financial data services into a single common framework. This framework supports common addressing and trade data descriptions while maintaining flexibility in terms of communications protocols, transports and trade routing methodologies. Streamingedge STP Platform's unmatched design is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and other leading-edge technologies as a result of StreamingEdge research and development efforts leveraging many years of designing end to end STP systems.

StreamingEdge STP framework has a wide range of components and features including:

  • Manual and electronic ticket creation
  • Cross-Desk Trading
  • Brokerage Reporting
  • Settlement Systems
  • End-to-End confirmation systems
  • Data synchronization between counterparty back offices
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Interface to Clearing Systems
  • Support for standard confirmation protocols

APIs and Webservices

APIs and Webservices are available for all sorts of Trading platforms and STP components allowing banks to integrate Tradition's market data and trade data.

Wireless Devices Streaming

As the technology is shifting towards wireless devices, StreamingEdge is investing in developing trading platform and STP interfaces for Android, iPhone and iPad.