• Real-Time Trading Platform Technology
    StreamingEdge platforms are fully integrated with STP
    Built for high liquidity and
    high frequency trading platforms.
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  • Straight-Through Processing
    Service Oriented Architecture
    StreamingEdge STP Platform is a highly scalable Platform with advanced and
    flexible communications system.
  • API's Webservices
    Interfaces Available for all sorts of Trading platforms.

    Allows easy integration with Tradition Market data and Trade data.

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  • Wireless Devices

    Our Technology allows market data streaming to any wireless device.
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StreamingEdge was founded in 1999 as a Software Research and Development Company and is a member of Tradition Group of Companies... Read more

Streamingedge develops a highly scalable, intelligent, communications fabric, designed to meet the latency and reliability demands of a high frequency Trading platform while providing the flexibility to trade complex derivatives. Unlike other low-latency platforms...Read more

Streamingedge STP framework design supports end-to-end Trading solutions, settlement and confirmation systems...Read more